Saturday, July 21, 2012

Free Family Group Records - For all Religions

Finally here!! Printable Family Group Records. Here is a list of all the forms that will be online in the next 2 weeks:
  1. Family Group Record (parents and 1-3 children) Print only.  Use this form if you have 1 child or more, (up to 3 children). Available Now for Printing!! Click here to print
  2. Family Group Record (parents and 4-9 children) Print only. Use this form if you have 4 children or more, (up to 9 children) Available soon.
  3. Family Group Record (parents and 10-15 children) Print only.  Use this form if you have 10 children or more, (up to 15 children) Available soon.
You might be asking yourself "who has 10-15 children?" Well, probably not too many of us, but many of our ancestors did. So, you now have a record for them.
Print your Family Group Record by clicking here or click the image below.

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