Monday, May 28, 2012

Transcribing Headstones on Memorial Day

The highlight of Memorial Day was taking the family to the American Fork Cemetery to teach them how to transcribe and preserve headstones. I have always found this exciting, but for the vast population and the majority of my family, they were not too excited about this. However, I am strong willed and I encouraged everyone (with a bribe to go swimming after), whatever works; right? So with the iPad as my main instruction tool, I taught my 2 oldest kids how to navigate through Find A Grave to search and add more names to this database that already contained over 80 million online memorials. As I was on teaching duty, my husband tried to keep the 3 younger ones under control as they ran rampant through the Cemetery trying to steal the "free balloons" and flowers everywhere. In just a few minutes my oldest son had figured out how to use Find A Grave to search the database for the name ANDREA CINDY KETTLE  from the headstone he picked out. The search results came back stating; " Sorry, there are no records in the Find A Grave database matching your query",  which meant the name was not on find a grave and he could log the name and preserve it right there. Within  5 minutes he had logged the name and dates along with a photograph and he was done. 
My oldest daughter found a headstone, but found that it was already logged into find a grave, so she found another headstone with the name ELSIE NICOLE SIMPSON  (who was a full term stillborn of our friends). As she searched the database for Elsie, she found she was not there, so she logged her in, photographed her headstone and she was done within 5 minutes. I happened to notice Elsie's Great Grandparents; Gerald B. Sewell & Wilma F. Sewell, to the left of her so I hurried and logged and photographed them as well.
From start to finish all of this only took 15 minutes, which was a perfect amount of time; I thought. It left them excited and wanting to do more. As I have gotten older, I have learned to simplify things while working smarter and faster. I felt this small amount of time set the stage for something big with my children in the future.
Keep in short. Keep in simple. Keep it going!!   -Sarah
American Fork Cemetery Located in American Fork, Utah, Utah, USA 
 Memorial Day - 5-28-2012

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dare to Stand Alone!!

President Thomas S. Monson shares an experience he had in the Navy in which he had to stand alone and reminds us that “we are never alone when we stand with our Father in Heaven.” 
Has there been a time when you have needed to stand alone in doing what you know is right? Share your experience below in the comments area.
Read, watch, or listen to President Monson’s full address “Dare to Stand Alone.”

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Sarah Burnes Heiner Pedigree with Gratitude

Elder Russell M. Nelson has taught that the Spirit of Elijah is “a manifestation of the Holy Ghost bearing witness of the divine nature of the family” (“A New Harvest Time,” Ensign, May 1998, 34). This distinctive influence of the Holy Ghost draws people to identify, document, and cherish their ancestors and family members—both past and present.

I am honored to know my ancestors, and for the change in my life that allowed my heart to turn to my fathers. I have attached my very colorful 6 generation pedigree chart as gratitude for those who paved the way for me. Looking at this chart makes me realize the importance of every single ancestor, and the significant role each one played to get me here, to have an earthly existence, to gain knowledge, so that I could return to my Heavenly Father again. For that alone, I am indebted to them.

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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Great quote about Ancestors

"Any living cell carries with it the experience of a billion years of experimentation by its ancestors"
-Max Delbruck

Photo: Samuel Burnes Family
(my Great, Great, Uncle) 1919