Monday, September 24, 2012

Top 10 Genealogy Websites - From a Genealogist who knows

  1.  -  Teach Me Genealogy: A website/blog by a Genealogist, who shares her Free printables, tips, stories, recommendations and more. This site is FREE.
  2.  -  Ancestry: Grow your family tree, link up with other family members, access historical documents, pictures, audio clips, bio’s and more. 14 day trial, then $12.95/month for US membership.
  3.  -  Find A Grave: A website containing over 80 million online memorials from cemeteries in the World. This site is FREE.
  4.  -  Family Search: A website where you can index, search historical documents and census records, and search other countries records. This site is FREE
  5.  -  Google: Yes, the beloved Google is on this list. The mastermind of the internet contains more genealogical information than we could possibly imagine. Give it a try! This site is FREE.
  6. - Roots Web: The largest genealogical message board on the web. Before there was Ancestry, Archives and One Great Family, there was Roots Web. Now owned by ancestry, but the message board is still free to access.
  7.  -  Archives: This site offers a vast collection of databases for researching all of the important events of your ancestors' lives. 7 day trial, then $39.95 a year.
  8.  -  US Genealogical Website: This website has detailed genealogical information for every state in the country. Click on the state you want to search, and the information is limitless. This site is FREE
  9. w  -  One Great Family: One Great Family has the world's largest family tree with over 200 million unique family tree records. Your tree is monitored for matches 24-hours a day, so your tree is constantly growing. 7 day trial, then $79.95 a year.
  10. -  House of Names: This is a retail site for Surname Origin, Last Name Origin, Family Coat of Arms, Family Shields and Family Crests prints. 

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