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Top Names over the Last 100 Years

Did you know, the most popular names in America in 1880 were William and Mary? Even without the statistics of the federal census records, most of us who love family history know this to be true. The rankings of these two most common names have slightly changed since then. Now let's jump ahead 132 years to the year 2012 where we find the most popular baby names to be  Jacob and Sophia. Surprisingly, the name William is still popular and ranked #5 for the most popular baby names in 2012. Unfortunately, Mary did make the top 10 list.

This got me thinking. I have always wondered if my name was as popular as I thought. Well, thanks to the United States Government Official Social Security site, I was able to find my name, Sarah. It ranked #11 out of 100 most popular names in the last 100 years; from 1913-2012.

Now it's your turn. Did your name make the list from the top names over the last 100 years?

Male Names:
  1. James
  2. John
  3. Robert
  4. Michael
  5. William
  6. David 
  7. Richard
  8. Joseph
  9. Charles
  10. Thomas
  11. Christopher
  12. Daniel
  13. Matthew
  14. Donald
  15. Anthony
  16. Paul
  17. Mark
  18. George
  19. Steven
  20. Kenneth
Click here to see the top 100 names .

Female Names:
  1. Mary
  2. Patricia
  3. Elizabeth
  4. Jennifer
  5. Linda
  6. Barbara 
  7. Susan
  8. Margaret
  9. Jessica
  10. Dorothy
  11. Sarah
  12. Karen
  13. Nancy
  14. Betty
  15. Lisa
  16. Sandra
  17. Helen
  18. Donna
  19. Ashley
  20. Kimberly
Click here to see the top 100 names.

Did your name make the list? Leave a comment and tell us yes or no and your ranking.

Official Social Security Website: ,

Keep connecting the dots. -Sarah

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Prayer for Genealogists

Prayer For Genealogists

“Lord, help me dig into the past, 
And sift the sands of time, 
That I might find the roots that made 
This family tree mine. 

Lord, help me trace the ancient roads, 
On which my fathers trod, 
And led them through so many lands, 
To find our present sod. 

Lord, help me find an ancient book, 
Or dusty manuscript, 
That's safely hidden now away, 
In some forgotten crypt, 

Lord, let it bridge the gap that haunts 
My soul, when I can't find 
The missing link between some name 
That ends the same as mine.”