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Saturday, October 13, 2012

"You've Been Boo'd" Free Printables.

Life isn't all Family History for me. In fact, most of my life revolves around my 5 kidlets who love to stay busy doing crafts, projects and family activities. So, I thought I'd share one of our favorite Halloween Family traditions
; "You've Been Boo'd!" It's one of those traditions I do with my kids and husband every year in the month of October. We put together a candy filled Jack 'o lantern, per family ($1 at Walmart) with these 2 printables:
  1. The note that says "You've Been Boo'd", with instructions to "Boo" someone new. 
  2. The adorable We've Been Boo'd sign to put in their window. 

Now for the FUN part. Let your 5 giggly kids (in my case) take the candy filled Jack o' Lantern to someones doorstep and "DOORBELL DITCH". (ring the doorbell or knock, then run away).  This year, we were a little adventurous and did this in the day. We did this for 3 different families on 3 different streets in our neighborhood so that each street got populated with Boo signs.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS FREE "YOU'VE BEEN BOO'D" PRINTABLE, found at Mom's Crafty Space;  I love this site and her great crafty ideas.

Have a SPOOKtacular time ;)