Monday, May 20, 2013

Top 10 Free Genealogy Websites

I am a BIG fan of, But, I'm a bigger fan of FREE Genealogy websites that offer great information. Through the years of research, these top 10 websites have helped me build my family tree and break through many brick walls. I would recommend you checking these free websites out before you start paying a subscription fee to genealogy sites. Here are my TOP 10 FREE Genealogy Websites to get you started:

  1. Family Search (For research, historical records and
    volunteering to help index)
  2. Find a Grave (Millions of online memorials, from transcribed headstones)
  3. World GenWeb Project (Genealogical data per country)
  4. US GenWeb Project (Genealogical data per state)
  5. National Archives (Archived Genealogical data from the US Government)
  6. Genealogy Today (Genealogical Data)
  7. Google (Genealogical data, images, maps, and more)
  8. Access Genealogy (Online Genealogical Data)
  9. Family Tree Searcher (Online family trees)
  10. GeneaBios (Genealogy Biography database)

More highly recommended Free sites:


  1. In addition:
    Let's have a 10 Best UK sites and
    10 best Australian sites.

    1. I agree. That may be coming soon ;)

  2. Best free sites for Midlands UK
    a) Black Country Connections
    b) which is sister site of a) and covers mainly Black Country but also other parts of UK

    1. Thank you for these great resources!!

  3. Thanks for the great list, Sarah!

    Here's another site to add to your list: Online database of headstones all over the world AND their GPS locations! You can also submit requests for people to take pictures of your relatives graves if you can't go there yourself. And it's free too!

    1. Thanks Lisa, I have added this to the above list. I have used Billion Graves quite a bit, it's a great resource and modernized online memorial website.
      xoxo -Sarah

  4. Sarah,
    I am teaching a genealogy class at the local library soon. I read your permission statement;but,I have this question. Can I have your permission to place the Image file for the top 10 site along with this statement on a plain sheet of paper and pass it out to class participants?

    Used by permission of “Teach Me Genealogy” ( a website owned by SARAH HEINER.

    Meets all your requirement except linked back.


    1. Charlie,
      Yes! You can use this "Top 10 Free Websites" jpg file on your handout while sourcing my ownership and website link; thank you for asking. Have a great time teaching your genealogy class!! -Sarah

  5. I'm new to this group, but not to genealogy. For the last 12 or 13 years, with the help of friends, I've been building a free genealogy site with records from New England, New York & Michigan in hopes that it will help other researchers.

    1. Thank you Jane! I hope others will see this link and visit your site. Take care :)

  6. I have pinned you to my Pinterest board! Love this list. I too am interested in top sites for England. I am going to pin Jane Devlin's site next. Awesome!!! Here is what I have pinned on Pinterest so far. Maybe something there can help others.

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  8. Thank you for your information. I hope you don't mind that I posted it to my Pinterest Family History and Genealogy board. I hope it helps others who might see it too. I appreciate others information and hope to pass on information to help others too. Thanks again

  9. , & several other genealogy websites use to be free but now they went to charging folks & that makes it very difficult for people like me on disability & foodstamps that are into doing their genealogy research . :{
    sincerely ,
    Edward b. mathews

  10. Hi Sarah, great list and most of these we point our users too as well. is a great one with links additional records. And just a heads up for our FREE database of 90 Million US records over at Thanks.

  11. And Ireland Genealogy Projects for those of us with Irish ancestors.