Thursday, November 15, 2012

November Giveaway - Personalized Heirloom Just For YOU! 3 will WIN.

November Giveaway Starts NOW! NOT 1, or 2 but 3 of you will WIN this amazing one of a kind Personalized Family History Heirloom, professionally designed with your photo and text. This WILL make an incredible gift!! (A photo release high resolution jpg image file emailed to you for FREE. Choose your size: 5x7, 8x10 or 11x14).


Click on the +1,  +2, and +3 options below on the Raffle-copter, to enter.

+1 means raffle-copter puts your name in 1 time if you do the following:
Follow our Facebook Page at: #/teachmegenealogy

+2 means, raffle-copter puts your name in 2 times when you leave a comment below:
Leave a comment about something you are "Thankful" for.

+3 means, raffle-copter puts your name in 3 times, if you "share" this Giveaway on Facebook

If you do all 3, your name gets entered 6 times; its' that easy. Do it Once a day!!

Have FUN!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Keep in mind, If you WIN, we need this from you:
  • A photograph of a "featured ancestor" or loved one.
  • between 10-15 facts about the "featured ancestor" or loved one.
  • Desired size of 5x7, 8x10 or 11x14


  1. I entered the Teach Me Genealogy raffle you should enter as well

    1. Thanks for entering. Good luck!! You can enter every day too.

  2. I guess I'm thankful for the general good health of my family. Normal aches & pains but for now no major problems.

    1. Shana, here's to good health for years to come :)

  3. I am Thankful for God, My Life, Family, and the USA.