Sunday, January 25, 2015

11 Things You Should Know About Find A Grave

Find A Grave is one website I use often. In fact, when I first started my genealogy, I used it so much that I decided to become a volunteer which allowed me to photograph headstones and submit them to the website for others to see. When you go to, you'll notice that this outdated little website has much more to offer than you can imagine and you'll agree when you get there.

11 Things you should know about Find A Grave,

  1. It's Free! That's right it's free for all of us; no strings attached.

  2. This database contains over 115 million (and counting) grave records and gets an average of 8 million online visitors a day.

  3. Your ancestors online memorials could be on find a grave and you probably don't even realize it.

  4. Thousands of volunteers all over the world are the reason why find a grave is a success. Volunteers take photographs of headstones and submit them to the website. You can "request" a photo to be taken of your ancestor(s) and within 14 days, you will recieve an email when someone has photographed and transcribed your ancestors headstone and added it to Find a Grave.

  5. You can become a volunteer at find a grave. Here's how...

  6. Find a Grave has joined up with and has allowed all their info to be found on's searches.

  7. You can easily "transfer" an online memorial to another person. For example: When you manage online memorials at find a grave, you submit the info and photographs and you add more info or edit your managed memorials at any time. But, sometimes others would like ownership because they are a family member. In that case, I will transfer the online memorial to them because they are family and chances are they will have more information on that ancestor than I do.

  8. You can search famous people and find their final resting places on find a grave.

  9. You can read through the endless amounts of "Success Stories" on find a grave, see here.

  10. On find a grave you will often find important information like: name of deceased, date birth and death dates, the cemetery name and place, the plot location, photographs of headstones, obituaries, biographies, other family members, linked family members, life sketches, maps, etc.

  11. I highly recommend Find A Grave to everyone.

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