Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy 43rd Anniversary Mitt & Ann Romney!!

Let's all give a "shout out" to Mr. & Mrs. Mitt Romney. Today, March 21, 2012, marks their 43rd anniversary. Their kind of love is precious beyond words. They were High School sweethearts, with the ability to rise above the odds because today, 43 years later, their love story continues. March 21st is a special day for the Romney's for more than one reason, here's why:  
  1. Mitt & Ann's first date was on March 21, 1965
  2. Mitt & Ann married on March 21, 1969
  3. Mitt & Ann's first child was born  on March 21, 1970 
Remarkable! I can see why today is such a special day. Good luck to you and your sweet family in the coming months.

Just like the Romney family, we all have a remarkable story to tell. You might think your story isn't as glamorous as theirs, so you're hesitant to take that first step. Get passed this hurdle because YOU deserve to be preserved.   Start your genealogy today! 

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