Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Time Warp Tuesday - Battleship Board Game 1967 First Edition

First Edition Battleship Board Game 1967: Who remembers playing this Battleship game? Did you know Milton Bradley's first Battleship game came out in 1931 as a pad-and-pencil game and in 1967  the board game version was released, (the one you see in the picture). The electronic version came out in 1977. Who still owns this game today?

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Have Fun and  "Connect The Dots"

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  1. Christmas '67 our 9 year old Son wanted this game....we had to almost travel the world - ;o) - trying to find it. It was the only Christmas gift on his list!!! Finally got it in Buffalo, NY. We live in Ontario just 45 minutes from border. The cost was under $10, that I remember. He was so excited.