Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ralph C. Lincoln, 11th generation Lincoln, 3rd cousin of Abraham Lincoln

If you're shopping at Vitamin World in Johnstown's Galleria mall, you might notice the assistant Manager Ralph C. Lincoln and his strong resemblance to Abraham Lincoln. Many people have told him "you look just like Abe."   He smiles and replies, "Which one? There are several Abrahams in the family."

Meet Ralph C. Lincoln from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, 11th generation Lincoln, 3rd cousin of Abraham Lincoln. Isn't DNA amazing!!
Can you see the resemblance?

Ralph C. Lincoln writes:
"My name is Ralph C Lincoln and I am honored to be an 11th generation Lincoln. Who also shares the same Great-Grandfather as one of America's greatest Presidents. If you visit Fayette County in Pennsylvania, you will find a small, obscure cemetery where members of the Lincoln family are buried, including Abraham Lincoln’s great uncle Mordecai, who served in the revolutionary war, and his son Benjamin. Mordecai Lincoln is my 5th generation great grandfather, which makes me a third cousin of the President.   I have continued to live and work in the ancestral home of Southwestern Pennsylvania where, as a Lincoln Presenter, I can pay tribute to these great men in my family who have shaped the history of our country I am proud member of organizations dedicated to bringing Abraham Lincoln to life, to educate, entertain, inspire and honor his words and works:" - Ralph C. Lincoln
(source: www.ralphclincoln.com

Photo Credit: Steve Mellon, Post-Gazette

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  1. If Mordecai Lincoln was Ralph's 5th great-grandfather and was Abraham Lincoln's great uncle, then Ralph's 3rd Great-grandfather was Abraham's second cousin. Therefore, Ralph is Abraham's second cousin, five times removed, not his third cousin! There does appear to be a remarkable resemblance between Ralph and Abraham, but they share very little DNA in common, other than their Y-Chromosomes, which is, of course, the smallest of all Abraham's 23 chromosomes and has the least among of genetic material. Abe shared at best 6 of his autosomal chromosomes with Ralph's 3rd great- grandfather. Certainly Ralph should be proud of his connection to Abraham, but as he has do doubt already found out, his knowledge of his connection, plus $1.50 will get him a cup of coffee at most diners, and not much more. People, other than genealogists like me, are rarely interested in such things nowadays.
    Don Blankman, The Villages, Florida

    1. Blankman, I've actually met Ralph several times, he is tall like Abe, thin like him and DOES resemble him in pretty much every way! I've known this remarkable man for many years! He's a very dear friend to my family and nice as can be!

    2. Was an interesting commentary Blankman, until the petty and trite comment about the Coffee. People never fail in telling us who they are.Not a Genealogist abd find the Lincoln connection of Interest. You small bitter Man lol

    3. I was touched by seeing this photo. Abraham Lincoln is my hero and may have saved my life. I say this because at 9 years of age I attempted suicide I discovered Abraham Lincoln. My fourth grade teacher how're made a big impact on me. She gave me a book to read about Abraham Lincoln. The only thing I remember from it was that it said Lincolns uncle went to see him right after he was born--took the baby by the window and said, This is the ugliest baby I've seen. He'll never amount to anything. HOWEVER HE DID!!! In that moment I knew I would also. AND I HAVE Following this I walked miles to the Chicago Public library to read anything I could about my hero Abraham Lincoln. I understand pain and disparity are doorways to something greater. Judi Venturini Bethlehem Pa

    4. What an honor it would be to meet this man. I'm a 100% ptsd disabled veteran and would love to meet Mr. Lincoln

  2. Mordecai Lincoln is actually Abe's great great grandfather.

  3. True....Samuel came to the U.S., then Mordecai, Mordecai, Virginia John, Captain Abraham, Thomas and then the 16th president. Ralph is connected to Abe by the 2nd Mordecai in this chain.

  4. Family genealogy is never that interesting to people not in the family. But apparently this article was interesting enough that the jealous Blankman decided to read it. Genealogy is exciting when u discover things that show up in genes. I love finding cousins I never knew existed living in my town far away from our ancestral home. I've been drawn to explore places without having knowledge that my ancestors lived there. Genes are fascinating.

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  6. Let's not forget that Abe Lincoln sold poison milk to children.
    As per Homer Simpson.

  7. My Mother found out that she is the 4th cousin once removed of Abraham Lincoln which makes me his 5th. It took a computer to conclude this fact. I find genealogy fascinating and am ecstatic that computers can do the searching for us. We are living within a vast storehouse of knowledge that is accessible to all.

  8. I recently found out that my mother is Abraham Lincolns 4th cousin removed which makes me his 5th with the help of a computer. I find genealogy fascinating. We are now living in a storehouse of vast knowledge accessible to the masses that could otherwise go unrecognized.