Friday, May 03, 2013

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cemeteries in the World

Have you ever wondered where the most beautiful cemeteries are located. Well, thanks to CNN for the research and report that was given on February 20, 2013, we now have a  Top 10 list of the  Most Beautiful Cemeteries in the World:

#1: St. Louis Cemetery Number 1, New Orleans, Louisiana

#2: La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires
Photo Credit: Trey Ratcliff/Stuck in Customs /Flickr

#3: Highgate Cemetery, London

#4: Central Cemetery, Vienna

#5: Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia

#6: Punta Arenas Cemetery, Chile
Photo Credit: RUDOLF ABRAHAM photography

#7: Novodevichy Cemetery, Moscow
Photo Credit: Michael Clarke Stuff

 #8: Woodlawn Cemetery, New York
Photo Credit: Alan Petrulis

#9: Waverley Cemetery, Sydney
Photo Credit: James Horan

#10. Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise, Paris


  1. Some of these are beautiful, one or two are distinctly spooky!

    I'm not sure how to import the photograph, which is probably copyright, but - for another serious contender, would suggest you look at:,-5.30,70.0

    1. Thanks for sharing, this is a good one too :0

  2. These are just beautiful!!! However, I wouldn't want to go near some of those at night.

    1. Madeline, I agree with you completely :)