Tuesday, January 07, 2014

52 Weeks of Genealogy - Week 2 - What Toys Did You Play With?

52 weeks of Genealogy. Join the fun!! 

Week 2:   What toys did you play with growing up?

For the past six decades, the Slinky, Play-Doh, Mr. Potato Head and Legos have stayed among the most popular toys and have stood the test of time. My parents played with these toys, I played with them and my children play with these toys now. But, I often wondered if grandma played with them. So I asked her "what toys did you play with growing up?" I had no idea what she did for fun in the 20's and 30's or the toys she played with. To my surprise she answered...

"Horseshoes, jump rope, croquet, puzzles and cards." I recorded her answers and added them to her life history.

Now it's your turn. What toys did you play with growing up?

Keep it short and simple and it becomes easy.

Week 1
: How did you get your name? What does your name mean?

Keep connecting the dots! -Sarah

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