Monday, April 14, 2014

52 Weeks of Genealogy - Week 15 - Easter Traditions

52 Weeks of Genealogy - Week 15 - Easter Traditions

  • Did you celebrate Easter growing up?
    • If so:
      1. Did you have an Easter dinner with family?
      2. Did dye or color eggs?
      3. Did you have an Easter egg hunt?
      4. Tell about any other Easter traditions you had. 
Keep connecting the dots! -Sarah :)


  1. I had hoped to keep up with this 52 week project but somehow lost track of it. I have decided to make a copy of the list and try to do it another year. I have looked through your posts with this label but did not find any entries for the weeks of 12, 13 and 14. Would you help me get those please? Thank you.

    1. I have those for you:
      Week 12 – Teenage years, dating
      1. Who was your first date?
      2. What did you do on your first date?
      3. What were some of your most favorite dates?
      4. What were some of your least favorite dates?
      5. What were some of the places you would go on your dates?
      6. Did you have a curfew? If so, what time did you have to return home from dates?
      7. Did your parents ever NOT approve of any of your dates? If so, why?
      8. How would your mother act around your dates?
      9. How would your father act around your dates?
      10. What would you wear on your dates?
      Week 13 – Teenage years, first car
      1. What was the make, model and year of your first car?
      2. What color was your first car?
      3. What was the value or cost of your first car?
      4. Did you have to buy your first car?
      5. Did your parents ever take away your car for any reason?
      6. What was the price of gas when you first started driving?
      7. How much did it cost to fill up your car?
      8. Did you ever get into an accident in your first car?
      9. For how many years did you own your first car?
      10. Did you get any speeding tickets or traffic violation tickets in your first car? If so, tell about it.
      Week 14 – teenage years, first job
      1. What was your first job?
      2. What were your duties?
      3. How much did you get paid each week?
      4. Did you enjoy your job?
      5. What was your boss' name?
      6. Did you get along with your boss?
      7. Did you ever make any mistakes at work?
      8. Did you have any friends at work?
      9. How far did you have to travel to get to work?
      10. For how long did you work at your first job?
      Hope that helps!

  2. Hi there. I, also, am trying to make a list of all the 52 Weeks of Genealogy, but can't find #17, 21, and 23 - 52. Hope you can help me. Thanks - Marilyn