Thursday, March 06, 2014

“In All Of Us There Is A Hunger, Marrow-Deep, To Know Our Heritage..." -Alex Haley

“In all of us there is a hunger, marrow-deep, to know our heritage- to know who we are and where we have come from. Without this enriching knowledge, there is a hollow yearning. No matter what our attainments in life, there is still a vacuum, an emptiness, and the most disquieting loneliness. ” -Alex Haley

About this Photo: My grandparents, William & Ruth Burnes and my father Ron (the baby) standing in front of their first home in Napa, California. The original picture shows the house being held up by wooden stilts. My grandma told me they built every square inch of their home, even the kitchen cabinets which made them appreciate it even more. Grandpa passed away in 1956, but grandma lived there for 57 years. 
Date: 1944
Place: Napa, Napa, California, USA

I am grateful for the fact that I know my heritage and continue to learn more through my research. It truly does pay off when you keep connecting the dots.

-Sarah :)

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