Thursday, June 20, 2013

Free Online Genealogy & Family History Courses offered by Brigham Young University

Spread the word! A prominent University is offering many FREE online genealogy and family history courses. You're probably asking yourself, which University? Well, it's Brigham Young University; BYU.

There is no need to travel, we can take these courses online at our convenience.
I just signed  up for the "Family Records" course, and I was shocked at how easy this was.

Easy Sign up Instructions:

  1. Click on the course you want (below).
  2. Click on "Begin Course" (top, left of screen), 
  3. Enter your email, name, and address and click "submit". Within seconds you will receive a confirmation email with a link.
  4. Click on that link.
  5. Sign in with your email.
That's it!! You're ready to get started with your first lesson. Enjoy!!

10 FREE online Family History/Genealogy Courses:

Family History / Genealogy — Introductory

Family History / Genealogy — Record Type
Family History / Genealogy — Regional and Ethnic
Click here to go to BYU Independent Study Free Online Courses >>

Here's a snapshot of the BYU Independent Study website. (Click image to enlarge).  

Have fun and keep connecting the dots!!



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