Wednesday, June 05, 2013

"You Live as Long as You are Remembered."

"You Live as Long as You are Remembered." -Russian Proverbs

Who's in the picture?    Meet my Great Aunt and Uncle, Jessie Jean  Adams  Christy
and Dr. Harry Christy and their baby.


  1. Hi Sarah... that is a lovely saying.

  2. It is the main reason for non-LDS to do genealogy and for all to collect photos and lore and every other thing for all their near and far family, from ancestral couples to all descendants and to all spouses of descendants and to all adopted into one of the families.

    And yes it is well-said and after D-Day has been observed will be added to all my sites sending them here to look about at what you named and all that you have. It takes repeated suggestions for folks anywhere, on average, to respond.

  3. I love this saying! When someone passes, or on the anniversaries of their passing, we (Russians and Ukes) we say: Vichnaya Pamyat. It translates as Memory Eternal.